Muse, by definition, is a source that inspires an artist. It was aptly chosen as the name of our brand, where you are our artist, but you are also your own muse.

Have you thought about giving something truly unique to your loved ones or looked forward to having a special corner in your home uplifted? At Muse, both, the store and the products, are designed to make everyday life beautiful, and make each occasion count.

We want to help you find inspiration and discover the joy of gifting, of making someone feel special.

We like to curate treasures that are global in their feel, but regional in their roots. 

We believe in retail therapy, of immersing yourself in a cheerful space and coming home happier (even if its without a shopping bag!).

We are conscious in our choices, and believe that precious metals like gold are sustainable and with them you can never go wrong since they last forever.

Discovering hidden gems tucked away during our travels around the world, be it walking down the cobblestoned paths of Italy or the streets of London, has been an experience far more joyous and fulfilling than malls and superstores; an experience that we’d like to serve up to you.

To sum it up, our brand (and our store) will leave you feeling inspired. That’s Muse.

In Greek Mythology, the Nine Muses were symbols of inspiration and artistic creation.

For the infamous Greek God Zeus, his creative impulses were fueled by these muses whom he called upon and without whom inspiration wouldn’t exist.

Stemming from Greek Mythology’s nine muses, Muse The Store takes on nine different roles to inspire every kind of person, tell every kind of story, and provide every kind of experience.

To create and cultivate a space that continuously inspires, just like the creative Salvador Dali.

To design and curate pieces with intelligence, style and quality, just like the icon Karl Lagerfeld.

To craft an innovative experience that sets the bar for the future of retail, just like the legend Charlie Chaplin.

To handpick objects of pleasure and purpose that can speak to a multitude of aesthetics, just like the admirable Anthony Bourdain.

To remain relevant, credible and innovative without losing sight of form and function, just like the elegant Audrey Hepburn.

To create an ever evolving and exciting shopping experience that is curated with context, just like the praiseworthy Vivian Maier.

To recognise, value and celebrate relationships by embracing the gift of giving, just like the loved Lucille Ball.

To offer a non-intimidating shopping experience that celebrates you and encourages self-gifting, just like the inspirational Oprah.

To remind customers and make them experience the joy of giving in a digital age, just like the free-spirited Bettie Page.

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