Our founder

Muse is a mid-century modern space that is styled in a stark monochromatic look with colour accents, a signature to my architectural roots.



The creator of Muse, Nisha Mehta, comes from a family of jewellers. Carrying on the legacy of the Thakorlal Hiralal Mehta family, she has been running Nisha M Design Studio for the past 25 years. Specialising in bespoke fine jewellery, she is a fourth generation jeweller with a loyal clientele that spans across the country and overseas as well.

Over the years she’s noticed a need and gap for classy yet wearable prét jewellery in retail, and saw an opportunity to build a marketplace that allows both, her own and other up-&-coming brands to showcase their product lines.

We try to curate things that aren’t just beautiful, but also useful. There is an emphasis on bringing in products that are seasonally relevant yet timeless.

An architect by profession, Nisha’s always treated design as an interdisciplinary field.

She saw the opportunity to combine her existing line of work with her continued passion for home décor and her eye for curating home accessories to provide an additional product offering at MUSE.

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