Nine Muses

In Greek Mythology, the Nine Muses in were symbols of inspiration and artistic creation.

For the infamous Greek God Zeus, his creative impulses were fueled by these muses whom he called upon and without whom inspiration wouldn’t exist.

Stemming from Greek Mythology’s nine muses, Muse The Store takes nine different forms to inspire every kind of person, tell every kind of story, and provide every kind of experience.
To create and cultivate a space that continuously inspires
To design and curate pieces with intelligence, style and quality
To put together an innovative experience that sets the bar for the future of retail
To hand pick objects of pleasure and purpose that can speak to a multitude of aesthetics and purposes
To remain relevant, credible and innovative without losing sight of form and function
To create an ever evolving and exciting shopping experience that is curated with context
To recognise, value and celebrate relationships by embracing the gift of giving
To offer a non-intimidating shopping experience that celebrates you and encourages self-gifting
To remind customers and make them experience the joy of giving in a digital age

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